Ways To Prevent Plagiarism in Your Class- part 1

  1. The Real Deal about Plagiarism
    Most of the time, students may say that they already have a good understanding about plagiarism. However, in reality, it seems as if they have not actually captured the essence of what plagiarism is truly all about. It may even be hard for some of the students to ascertain whether a particular act is plagiarism or simply paraphrasing. One should be able to cite sources properly and not just put the sources just for the sake of placing these sources. It would certainly be best if the moment that the course starts, details about plagiarism should already be discussed in order to avoid problems relating to this.One of the ways which would certainly make things easier in terms of being able to identify which is a plagiarized work and which work has been properly cited with the corresponding sources, is by providing examples of works which are considered to be plagiarized and those that have proper citations.
  2. Clarify Why Plagiarizing is Not Appropriate
    Most students may not be able to grasp fully why it is definitely not appropriate to plagiarize if they would not be given proper guidance which in turn would make it difficult for them to comprehend the gravity of it. You should try to make your students understand that plagiarizing is actually a fraudulent act since one is doing an act of stealing in terms of using another person’s ideas or concepts without asking permission or without proper acknowledgement of where these ideas were taken, to the point of even considering it your own. By plagiarizing, the students would be able to hone their skills in terms of being able to think critically as well as writing the things or ideas that they have in mind in the best possible way. It would also be unfair for those who students who really work hard and put their own thoughts and ideas on whatever is asked from them and not just simply copy from another work.
  3. Inform the Students Regarding What You Expect From Them
    You should make it a point to inform the students what you expect from them in terms of how they do what is asked from them. Discuss about how important it is that every paper or task that they do should not be copied verbatim from a particular source. Aside from this, the students should also know that it would certainly be more interesting on your part to read new ideas coming from themselves, instead of just using some other person’s ideas. This would also help them learn how to strategize in order for them to come up with a well-thought-of kind of work, which would eventually make it easier for them to value of doing something that they could truly call their own work.Aside from discussing the importance of being able to come up with an original work, you should also inform the students about certain rules, which may include a rule regarding placing a bibliography, the number of sources and as well as the kind of sources that may be used.
  4. Discuss the Grounds for Plagiarism
    Discuss to the students that there are corresponding penalties or punishments for those who would submit a paper that is not an original work.
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