What is Internet Essay Plagiarism?

Know Plagiarism in Internet Essays
Since information becomes readily available through the Internet, it has become one of the fastest sources that plagiarists can turn to. Many have taken advantage of this widespread availability of information and instead, let on their laziness and eventually, did plagiarism given that resources are easily accessible.
One form by which plagiarism has taken place is through Internet essays. These Internet essays can be bought from people who will make the essays for the buyer. There are now available websites which openly advertise their services in making Internet essays for students who need them. This makes the temptation to plagiarise work stronger for students and weaken the desire to instead sweat out and burn candles to make the essays themselves. This is one of the problems faced by schools because plagiarism has admittedly reduced the quality of education and the quality of work that these students receive and give, respectively. Even if these websites claim that this is not plagiarism, it really is.
There is a noted increase in the number of plagiarism jobs done through the Internet. Advertisements for this kind of service may appear on the websites of the writers who can provide the service. This is how open the ads for plagiarism are being posted. In return, the student who wants to have an essay made will have to pay a fee. This is the image of plagiarism in a business transaction. Whatever subject or topic you may want to tackle, these websites for Internet essays can tap numerous writers who from all over the world, depending on the match between your topic and the writerТs field of expertise. Thus, for a fee, you might ensure that you will receive a well-done essay which will possibly earn you good grades from your teachers. If the teachers and other essay checkers are not watchful enough, they would surely be convinced of your writing prowess.
What adds more to this plagiarism problem is that these plagiaristsТ sites are not rendered illegal, or if they are, they are not given much notice and attention by the authorities concerned. No one has yet made the move to eradicate these sites from lending their service to the students and those who need essays. Even if there might not be a specific law for plagiarism, there is the copyright infringement law which is surely violated by these websites. Since plagiarism also falls under cheating, it is also morally incorrect and unethical.
However, there are also newly-developed software which are programmed to carefully run over the essays submitted by students under their names in order to double check if these are plagiarised works. Thus, students should become very wary of submitting plagiarised papers. On the other hand, the Internet essay websites would warn their customers to alter the words used by the paid writers so as to validate the work as theirs. But would you risk being caught and then be expelled, lose face, lose money, and lose your chance at education? Plagiarism may not be worth all these.

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